Website Design Process

The whole process of designing and generating a web-site focuses on:

1. Planning a strategy of website creation
2. Selecting a suitable server and domain for the client
3. Creating graphic settings of the website based on materials or photo-shoots provided by the client
4. Infrastructure
5. Determining appropriate location of information on the web-site to facilitate fast and easy access to information
6. Using: HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Flash etc.
7. Making appropriate scripts responsible for maintaining individual elements on the website (calculator, complex scale of charges, search engine, charts)
8. Integrating the website with the options chosen from the Administration Panel - Content Management System (product range, gallery, news, FQA, forum, etc.)
9. Creating an administrative panel maintaining non-standard scripts
10. Uploading a website on a server
11. Carring out website tests
12. Creating visitors' statistical analysis of the website
13. Promoting an internet service (optimization, registration in the catalogs and internet search engines, positioning)
14. Updating and supervising the website