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Business rates

Ratemode are the rating specialists dealing exclusively with Business Rates

We treat all our clients and cases equally and fairly. Our approach is open and honest. We examine each case to ascertain whether there is validity and there is accuracy. Our rating experts have an unrivalled experience and expertise in the market. Operating as a business ourselves, we understand other businesses' needs. Our friendly and forward thinking approach has helped us build long lasting relationships with our clients and to generate a huge amount of savings and reimbursements for many businesses across the UK.

We provide ratepayers with piece of mind that they will achieve the biggest savings delivered in a professional and friendly manner. Our committed, hard-working team of experts ensure that our clients always receive the best results and the highest level of customer service regardless of the size of their business or the size of their portfolio.

Complete Mitigation Strategy & Business Rates Assessment Review

  • Determine if the rating assessment is legally valid.
  • Ensure the accommodation matches the assessment both in terms of area and demise.
  • Review the rateable value using our extensive market knowledge.
  • Challenge excessive assessments and secure reductions.
  • Monitor and react to any changes to the property or surroundings over the life of the rating list.

How this works

Save Money With Ratemode


Our process is fast and simple - no fuss, no upfront charges, just cost reduction designed for you and your business.


Provide us with your Business Rates Bill, or your Business Address on the form or via email.


Let our expert team assess you eligibility and rebate potential.


Wait for the Council to refund your money.


Receive money back and reduce the amount of future bills!

Our management team

We are rating specialists working on a NO WIN NO FEE basis who can help you claim a substantial Business Rates refund and pay less in the future.



Financial Director

Jared is responsible for developing Ratemode as a contemporary brand. He has an in-depth understanding of the online marketplace along with a fresh vision and ideas to propel us forward. He is focusing on the financial development of companies and he has been working for over 8 years.



Managing Director

Martin is a lawyer and has ten years experience in property management. With his background in customer service and human resource he is passionate about helping people develop to the fullest of their potencial.



Rates Payment Manager

Kate is overseeing and developing the building property management portfolio. Kate spent the past 12 years developing and delivering a real estate strategy, matching clients goals and maximising clients returns.

Want to make a relief? Send us your bill to: info@ratemode.co.uk

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Please send us information about your property. If you have not received your bill for this year yet, don't worry. Simply enter your premises post code in message field and we will take from there.